The currently untitled Batman Forever / Batman & Robin YTP will be created by BeastBoyRules52 XD and be released in the future.


Batman Forever:

  • During the circus scene, when Dick is trying to get the bomb out of here and into the water, the bomb, which turns out to be a bomb-omb, bounces back out of the water and falls to the circus. Dick then says "Oh *bleep*" and then the circus blows up with the people inside.
  • When Bruce Wayne suits up in his new suit, when he turns around showing his butt, he farts. Cue Film Brain going "Eww!"

Batman & Robin:

  • When Bruce and Dick suit up as Batman and Robin, just like in the Batman Forever YTP, they both fart when they show their butts. Cue Film Brain going "Eww!"
  • When Batman says "This Is Why Superman works alone", Superman, while vacatoning in space, hears this, goes down to Earth all angry, and beats up Batman. We then cut to title card: Batman Vs. Superman II: Nobody Works Alone.
  • When Robin says "Cowabunga!", The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hear this and beat up Robin. They finish it off by pushing Robin into the dumpster, then Casey Jones activates it, crushing Robin to death.
  • When 1997 Bane is born, 2012 Bane comes in and breaks his neck, killing him instantly.
  • During the infamous bat credit card scene, instead of Batman saying "7 million", he says (with Linkara plastered on his face) "Bat Credit Card" before pulling it out. Cue Robin going into a berzerk rage over the Bat Credit Card and attacks Batman and causes chaos.
  • In one scene, Mr. Freeze calls Batman overrated, but when he looks out the window, he sees Batman, with an angry Luan Loud face plastered on his face, who says "Overrated my *bleep*!", breaks through the window, and beats him up. When the beatdown is finished, he lifts his cape to reveal a beaten up Mr. Freeze and stands tall with Jeff Hardy's face plastered on his before saying "We are Immortal!"