The currently untitled Dark Knight Rises YTP will be created by BeastBoyRules52 XD and be released in the future.

Known ScenesEdit

  • When Bane enters the Gotham stadium, he sings to Gotham his rendition of When You Wish Upon A Star (actually Triple H singing it to Daniel Bryan). Everyone stares in confusion. Bane, with an angry Bloo face plastered on his face, points his gun in the air and shoots it, causing everyone to get down panicked. One of his bullets hits a duck from Duck Hunt, causing it to fall to the ground, where the Duck Hunt dog catches it. Bane shoots the Duck Hunt dog as well.
  • Bane breaks several people's necks to the horror of the crowd:
    • Jar Jar Binks
    • Bubsy
    • Creepyface Steve
    • Lavagirl
    • John Laurinaitis
    • 1997 Bane (Also is seen in the Batman And Robin YTP)
    • Animated Sam (from Rob Bashkee's LOTR)
    • Simple Jack (Actually shoots him with his gun)
    • Mudflap & Skids (Deleted scene)
    • CDI King (Deleted scene)
    • CDI Ganon (Deleted scene)
    • Bendy (Deleted scene)
    • Joffrey (Deleted scene)
  • After shooting Simple Jack, he announces that he's gonna blow up the stadium with a Bomb-Omb, which he does, causing the stadium to implode with shreiking people inside. Then cut to text saying: "That went too far. I apologize."