The Thomas O Face, a running gag in BB52XD's YTPs

The following is a list of Youtube Poops made by BeatsBoyRules52 XD.


  • Kids WB Suffers Technical Difficulties (Main Source Used: Kids WB Promos) (Collab entry for Mrcool210's Kids WB YTP Collab)
  • Wookies Are Rude (Main Source Used: Star Wars Holiday Special)
  • Al Pacino Ruins Dunkin Donuts (Main Source Used: Mr. Deeds, Jack & Jill)
  • Henry Vs. The Tunnel (Main Source Used: Thomas & Friends)
  • The Real Reason Why Bear And Lion Was Banned (Main Source Used: Teletubbies)
  • Mama Luigi Loves Justin Bieber (Main Source Used: Super Mario World Cartoon)
  • AVGN Hates CDI (Main Source Used: AVGN's review of the Zelda CDI Games) (Collab entry for KingNothing1 Ha's Zelda YTP Collab)
  • Thomas & The Fingerpoke Of Doom (Main Source Used: WWE / WCW) (Collab entry for RyanYTP's 2nd 90s YTP Collab) (NOTE: Entry didn't make final cut)
  • Josh Nichols And The Chocolate Factory (Main Source Used: Drake & Josh) (Collab entry for EmpLemon's Drake And Josh YTP Collab)