Mewtwo SSB4

Mewtwo is an immensly powerful Psychic type Pokemon and one of the main characters of the IG-88's Adventures series. He was created by scientists at a laboratory on New Island, but Mewtwo destroyed the lab as he thought the scientists were using him as a mere experiment. Later, Giovanni trained Mewtwo to control his psychic powers, but after he learned why Giovanni was training him to serve him, Mewtwo destroyed the lab. Mewtwo vowed to destroy Earth for betraying him, and rebuilt New Island. Ash & his friends traveled to New Island for a big Pokemon showdown created by Mewtwo. After making Pokemon clones, there was a big showdown between clones and originals. Ash Ketchum stopped the showdown by standing in the middle of the stadium between Mew and Mewtwo's beams of psychic energy. Then, Mewtwo learned that Ash was a person who valued all Pokemon born or created. Mewtwo and the Clones left to find a place where they could live in harmony and peace and used his psychic power to wipe out the memory of the fight on the trainers.

He is a close friend of IG-86 and Aisling's adoptive father. He is voiced by Dan Green.